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Athletics Track Update - 23 March 2024 - Update 2

Our installation contractors have updated our planned schedule of works.  Please note, these are weather dependent and subject to change, but a good guideline of best case:

WC 18 + 25 March – return of contractor, materials, and clean of track

WC 1 + 8 April – installation of Rekortan layer + sealant to track + work on high jump D

WC 15 + 22 April – installation of top layer

WC 29 April + 6 May – line marking

WC 13, 20, 27 May – scheduled for delay weeks (if needed)

During these times, the track will be fenced, and closed to all public access.

To get an up to date feed, please follow our Twitter page @bestappeal.   You do not need an account to view this page and we will pin any update about when the track will close on here.

Week 1 update, WC 18 March 2024

Perimeter fence established on site.

Compound established within the carpark (welfare, equipment and materials).

Chase around track removed.

Low areas punctured to aid drainage.

Stage 2, Week 2 (WC 25 March) + Week 3 Update (WC 1 April)


Bernherd’s have completed all their tasks on site prepping the surface and surroundings for the initial pour by Polytan.

However, owing to the weather at the end of WC 25 March, and the forecast for WC 1 April, the track renovations have been delayed by one week currently with a hope to commence on 8 April.

Polytan will require a period of 4-5 days dry weather for this vital next stage to prevent water being trapped between two non-porous surfaces which could result in issues with the track surface.  As a result, they are cautious with this first part of the pour to ensure it adheres to the high standard required.

We continue to operate on weekly updates from both companies, and hope to have a more positive change in the weather soon!

Thank you all for your continued support!


Stage 2, WC 8 April


Sadly Polytan have said that the WC 8 April expected pour is again delayed by weather (wind and rain forecast for this week).  

They will update again towards the end of this week but their provisional plans now are to pour on the WC 22 April and work over weekends to make up some of the lost dates.

The pour is expected to be split into 4 sections (the curves and the straights), with each pour lasing 4 days to add the base, allow to dry, then seal, and allow to dry.  This work is expected to last around 16 days in total.  

We will update when we have further information, and fingers crossed for some continuous warm, and dry, days


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