One of London’s BEST kept secrets…


Not only is BEST home to a fantastic sporting facility; but we also offer the opportunity to see and experience some of London’s greatest hidden natures.

Barn Elms is the birth place of the oldest and largest London Plane in England; dating back to around 1685 on land then belonging to the Archbishop of Canterbury. This monster of a tree is located along the Towpath, at the North Edge of the fields in our beloved camp-site; providing years of joy for scouts groups and the Barnes community.

The Legendary tree is a true giant of the woods, last measuring at 35m high and 8.23m in girth. It, grows near water and has benefited from the warmer climate in London compared with other planes in the Cambridgeshire area.

With only 3,000 Plane Tree’s left in Britain and fewer in Europe; take the rare opportunity to come down and view one of London’s oldest and greatest gem.

Hope we see you soon!