Life as a Sports Development Officer at BEST

Some of you may have met me already here at BEST but I’ve recently taken over as the new Sports Development Officer at BEST. Sports coaching is my actual background preferably Football some of you will be pleased to know. But over the summer and many years of hard studying I have recently completed my studies and gained my masters. The role I was looking actively to get into was in the Sports Management industry. Luckily enough a role here at BEST opened for a position of Sport Development Officer. The transition over to a Sports Development Officer has become a steady but interesting role to take on. The new role has been a common question from people who ask about what specifically in detail what I do, to which I’ve found myself explaining in depth.

As a sports development officer, it is important to make sure that everybody has the chance to take part in sport by ensuring that all sections of the community are aware of available activities and where they can go to get involved here at BEST. It’s important to distribute information and organise sport-related projects, classes, programmes, coaching, club development and training. Whilst also there is a need to target those who want to take part for fun, as well as those who are interested in competing at all levels from local to national and international.

Funding and awards – As council owned playing fields, we try to provide back to the community in terms of sporting needs. All our equipment has solely been provided by schools, funding charities and Barnes the community. It is one of my roles to actively search out funding projects to gain new equipment to improve our facilities. This in terms helps our external users for reasons such as:

  • Increase participation levels
  • Increase usage of our site
  • Introduce new sports to the community
  • Give back to teams and local schools

The transition from a Head coaching role to becoming a Sports Development Officer has been challenging but exciting. Becoming the person who now oversees the arrangement of pitch bookings and delegation of school sporting events is very different to being involved previously with the practical side of things.  A day of work can often involve spending periods of time outdoors in all weathers overseeing the activities you have organised. However, there can be days where I often spend much of my time based indoors carrying out administrative tasks. There are smaller jobs such as local travel within a working day to visit venues, attend events and meet with community groups. This helps meet fellow working peers and branch ideas across to each other. There is also the final bit of managing whilst casual staff are on the site and general operations tasks.

Life as a Sports Development officer here at BEST has its demands, but it’s fair to say I’m thoroughly enjoying it and striving on the new challenge.