Funding Partners

Barn Elms Sports Trust rely on external funding to improve our facilities as we are a charity sports ground. Here is a list of the organisations we have worked with to help fund our facility.

LMCT logo

London Marathon Charitable Trust have been a huge factor in making Barn Elms Sports Trust possible. Thanks to the funding awarded by LMCT we were able to renovate the London Marathon Pavilion and have work done to our pitches. For more information regarding LMCT please visit London Marathon Charitable Trust to see all of the great work they are doing in London and beyond. We are very thankful for everything they have done for us and as part of out ongoing relationship we assist with keeping them up to date with the activity on our site to show the impact they are making in Sport.

Football Foundation Logo

Football Foundation funded us with a substantial amount of money to put into the pitches and pavilion here at Barn Elms. The funding has been put into renovating our pitches into some of the best pitches in London. We could not thank the FF enough for the support they put in. To see how the Football Foundation support grassroots football please visit their website via here.

LTA Logo

The LTA were the main funding for renovation of our Tennis Courts here at BEST. With upgraded Tennis Courts as a major part of the redevelopment of Barn Elms it was great to have such support which has been a massive help to the growth of Best Tennis. To see more information about the LTA and British Tennis please click here.

ECB Logo
Thanks to the ECB we have 2 top quality Cricket squares along with 4 NTP strips and 4 brand new all-weather Cricket Nets. With help of the ECB funding we have been able to raise the quality of Cricket facilities to be at a level to hold Cricket at all levels. To see more updates form the ECB please click here.

We have an ongoing relationship with our local Barnes Workhouse Fund who have been influential throughout our time here at Barn Elms. Most recently they awarded us funding for a disability pathway giving access to the Athletics Track from the Pavilion. For more information about the Barnes Workhouse Fund please visit here.

Civic Pride Fund Logo
Here at Barn Elms Sports Trust we are fortunate enough to have worked with the Civic Pride Fund to allow us to renovate our facilities. They teamed up with Barnes Workhouse Fund to make the disability pathway possible. For more information about the Civic Pride Fund please visit their website Civic Pride Fund website.

Sport England Logo
Sport England have been a big part of supporting our ground and the ‘Protecting Playing Fields’ grant came to our rescue during the very heavy downpour of 2013. To find out more about Sport England please click here.